Who is Doctor Schmitt?

Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP wrote the first book on pediatric nurse telephone triage in 1980. He founded and served as the Medical Director of the Pediatric Call Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado from 1988 to 2018. This call center covers evening and weekend calls for over 500 pediatricians, more than 100 of which use ClearTriage while their practices are open. Dr. Schmitt currently serves as a Quality Improvement Advisor for the Pediatric Call Center.

  • Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Attending Physician and Pediatric Resident Coach, Child Health Clinic, Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Author of five integrated sets of clinical content for use in software:
    • Pediatric Telephone Triage Protocols / Guidelines for after-hours triage/advice nurses
    • Pediatric Telephone Triage Protocols / Guidelines for office-hours triage/advice nurses
    • Pediatric Symptom Checker: web-based and mobile self-triage and self-care guides for parents
    • Pediatric Care Advice: after care instruction handouts for parents on 300 common pediatric health problems
    • SymptomScreen Screening Guides: rapid screening and prioritization for unlicensed call center staff
  • Author of more than 100 articles and books for physicians, nurses, and parents
    • The first book on pediatric telephone triage (Pediatric Telephone Advice, 1980), 3rd edition in 2004
    • Telephone triage book for office practices (Pediatric Telephone Protocols), published by the AAP, 16th edition in 2018
    • Two award-winning child care books for parents: Your Child’s Health and My Child is Sick!

Honors from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Received the AAP C. Anderson Aldrich award for contributions in Child Development in 1994. Received the AAP Education award for contributions in Pediatric Education in 2004.

Who is Michaelyn (Mikey) Brewer?

Michaelyn (Mikey) Brewer has eight years of experience in healthcare strategy and call center management plus more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant in primary care, urgent care, and retail medicine settings. This broad background and her clear logical thinking have made her an invaluable member of the SymptomScreen authoring team.

  • Market Director for Access and Virtual Strategies at CHI Health in Omaha, NE
  • Led the development of standardized scheduling and RN triage processes and training for call center and primary care staff
  • Established an in-house on demand virtual visit model
  • Operationalized direct to patient virtual visit options in primary care and multiple specialty clinics
  • Leads or chairs the Analytics Team, the Physician Enterprise Access Council, the Virtual Services Steering Committee, and the Physician Enterprise Position Control Committee

Who is Doctor Eutermoser?

Morgan Eutermoser, MD, DTMH is an Emergency Medicine Attending at Denver Health and the Medical Director at the Denver Health NurseLine. The NurseLine started as a call center staffed only by health information aids and registered nurses, but it grew in 2014 to incorporate Second Level Physician Triage performed by Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians for all patients who call in with emergent and urgent concerns. Starting in 2018, Dr. Eutermoser implemented a successful telemedicine pilot to assess the addition of on-demand video visits for calls that could benefit from visual triage.

  • Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Attending Physician, Denver Health Emergency Medicine
  • Medical Director, Denver Health NurseLine
  • Author: SAEM Abstract 2020: The Impact of Real-Time Second Level Physician Triage at a Nurse Advice Call Center. (To be presented 9/20 during the SAEM 20 Virtual Meeting)
  • Author and Reviewer: NurseLine Protocols to allow registered nurses to order medications for simple illnesses (e.g., UTI, conjunctivitis)
  • Developer of the Denver Health COVID 19 Survey to enable easy access to screening, exposure risk, and testing for employees