Quickly prioritize sick patients with software for schedulers and other call center agents

Consistently identify and prioritize the most common serious complications of symptoms with no clinical decision making required!


You may have a list of urgent symptoms or “red flag words” that your agents are using to help them prioritize and even schedule sick calls. But these lists tend to be overly simplistic, hard to use on every call, and require some degree of decision making or judgment on the part of the non-clinical user.

SymptomScreen is a better choice. It lets your team members quickly screen sick callers for the most common presentations of dangerous high risk problems. Our short set of yes/no questions can improve both consistency and call times, elicit important information, and provide better outcomes for your patients.

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Telephone triage uses registered nurses to perform a careful assessment to determine the nature and urgency of a patient’s problem and direct them to the appropriate level of care. Telephone triage relies on the skill, experience, and judgment of a nurse combined with the support of detailed triage protocols. Telephone triage nurses often provide care advice as well as triage.

Screening enables call center agents and schedulers to quickly collect data in order to identify the most common high risk complications. No clinical judgment or decision making is involved. No care advice is given.

Screening is valuable in both call centers and in clinics:

  • Call Centers: Agents, Representatives, PSRs, CSRs… the unlicensed staff that initially take symptom-based calls if you don’t have nurses directly answering those calls.
  • Clinics and Practices: Front Desk Staff, Schedulers, Representatives… the unlicensed staff answering the phones and possibly scheduling non-urgent appointments
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