SymptomScreen Guide Updates May 2023

Based on feedback and requests from our users, the SymptomScreen clinical authoring team has created 18 new guides, updated 7 existing guides, and improved the wording of 4 existing questions. This brings the total number of guides available in SymptomScreen to 262.

Click here to see the Guide Set 6 Release Notes.

New Guides:

  1. Breathing Stopped
  2. Chest Congestion
  3. Drowning
  4. Excessive Blinking
  5. Can’t Talk
  6. Facial Drooping
  7. Electrical Shock
  8. Hot Flashes
  9. Swallowed Alcohol – Child
  10. Swallowed Non-Food Substance
  11. Weight Gain
  12. Weight Loss
  13. Dry Mouth
  14. Excessive Thirst
  15. Baby Not Gaining Weight
  16. Runny Nose
  17. Hair Loss
  18. Skin Peeling

Did you know? SymptomScreen is highly customizable, and we even offer you the ability to create your own guides! Our list of screening guides is robust and ever-growing, but if there is something you need a guide for that is not currently included in SymptomScreen–you can build your own.

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