Using SymptomScreen

Here are the five steps to take when prioritizing a call with SymptomScreen:

  1. Select the guide(s) matching the symptom or symptoms reported by the caller.
  2. Ask the screening questions listed, starting with the first question and moving down one question at a time. Select the first question to which the caller says yes or maybe or I don’t know, then stop asking the questions.
  3. Take the action listed in the instructions that appear.
  4. If your organization is using SymptomScreen to document your screening, press Copy Summary and paste the screening summary into the patient’s record, message, or appointment.
  5. When done with the call, press New Call.
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Need Help?

We work hard to make SymptomScreen extremely reliable and easy to use. But if you’re having any problems, we’re available by phone, email, or chat and are happy to talk to you!

Our regular phone hours are 8 am – 6 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. If you are a SymptomScreen customer and you can’t access SymptomScreen, if you call us outside of those hours youR