Why Screening?

Call center agents and schedulers haven’t traditionally used a software tool to help with screening, so SymptomScreen is a new concept for many organizations. This page explores the benefits of a software screening tool, and it compares screening software with related software solutions.


  • Safer and More Consistent – SymptomScreen provides a few screening criteria for each symptom, allowing your staff to follow a clear and repeatable checklist in prioritizing each call.

  • Quick – Each guide typically has just 3-5 screening prompts, enabling your staff to quickly collect the data that determines the priority of each call.

  • Customizable – You can change the instructions presented for the red, yellow, and green categories of complications. You can also edit the screening prompts or even build your own screening guides from scratch!

  • Reduces Provider Interruptions – Give your staff a tool that allows them to work more independently.

  • Optimize Your Nurse Triage Workflow – Consistently identify the calls that need to be in the high priority queue.

  • Optimize Your Schedule – Use your same-day/morning appointments for the patients that really need them!

  • Easily Train New Staff – A dependable tool makes it easier when new staff join your team.

Screening vs. Triage

SymptomScreen is designed to let your schedulers and other call center or clerical representatives consistently screen for the most common and the most dangerous serious complications of sick calls. But screening alone WILL NOT identify every potential problem. That requires clinical decision making which is not within the scope of your unlicensed staff, and it requires significantly more time than your call center staff spend on each call.

Comprehensive recognition of potentially high risk problems during a phone call can only be performed by an RN or provider and is called telephone triage. Our sister product ClearTriage is the leading online decision support system for telephone triage nurses. It provides a complete decision support tool for your telephone triage nurses based on Dr. Barton Schmitt’s and Dr. David Thompson’s telephone triage protocols. If you have triage nurses, please look at ClearTriage as well.

However, if your unlicensed staff are making decisions about which calls get transferred to a nurse or a provider and which patients get offered priority scheduling, this is where SymptomScreen can help. Our short checklists, when used consistently by your schedulers, can help them quickly identify the most common possible serious complications, improving consistency and safety in the handling of these calls.

A Symptom Checker for Call Centers

Some people approach this problem by looking for a symptom checker that their call center representatives can use. But the problem with general symptom checkers is they take a lot of time to use. They’re designed to help patients perform a complete evaluation of themselves, a process that can take 5 to 15 minutes and results in a number of possible outcomes. Your schedulers and call center agents don’t have enough time for that. Nor do the callers expect to spend that amount of time being interviewed by unlicensed medical staff.

SymptomScreen solves this problem by focusing only on the most common high risk problems. Plus the complications that have a high risk of rapid progression. This lets your staff continue to handle their calls quickly and efficiently while improving patient safety.