Customize Your Screening Guides

Each SymptomScreen account includes access to an admin module to assist the admin user(s) in managing the account. We are excited to announce that our admin module now includes self-service guide customization! You can customize the screening questions, move questions around to different priorities, or change the guide properties including titles, alternative titles, and search words. You can even create your own guides!

SymptomScreen includes access to more than 250 screening guides written and maintained by the authors (Dr. Barton Schmitt, Mikey Brewer, PA-C, and Dr. Morgan Eutermoser). Some of our customers choose to use these guides exactly as written by the authors, others find they need to make changes or adjustments to some of the guides to reflect exactly how they would like their non-clinical agents to be handling calls. And now it’s easier than ever to make those changes!

Guide Customization Screenshots

To give you a taste of how guide customization works, here are images of some of the screens in guide customization. To learn more, you can review our Admin Manual, schedule a demo, or sign up for a no-obligation 30-day free trial of SymptomScreen!

A list of guides with customization options for an individual guide.


Customizing questions within a guide, including the ability to move questions, edit questions, delete questions, or add your own questions.


You can even create your own guides in SymptomScreen!

Want to learn more?

Our Admin Manual includes detailed instructions on using all of the features in the admin module, including guide customization.

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