Using SymptomScreen Logic in Your Chat Service

Healthcare consumers don’t just expect to contact you by phone, they also want to be able to reach you using chat. SymptomScreen is not a chat engine so it will not be able to manage the entirety of a chat-based interaction with a patient. However, if the patient has a symptom and you want to quickly prioritize that symptom (as opposed to directing the patient to a thorough but time-intensive “symptom checker”), SymptomScreen is the perfect choice!


Whether your chat is agent-directed or fully automated, you can use SymptomScreen’s handful of questions per symptom to prioritize the call. Perhaps you use self-scheduling and your chat is determining if they need to speak to a nurse before booking an appointment. Or your chat is determining if urgent appointments should be offered, or if an appointment next week is appropriate. SymptomScreen can help!

To be clear, this requires that your organization has an IT team working on chat, or is purchasing custom-developed chat software. But if so, that software can access SymptomScreen logic by API to provide world-class handling of patient symptoms.

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Other Integration Options

In addition to using SymptomScreen in chat applications, you can embed SymptomScreen into Epic, Salesforce, or other applications. This simplifies calls by letting your schedulers or call center agents use SymptomScreen without having to switch to a different program! Click here to learn more.

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