SymptomScreen: Spanish Questions for Bilingual Agents

Do you have bilingual Spanish-speaking agents in your call center and Spanish speaking patients? If so, these call center agents will love the Spanish Screening Questions feature in SymptomScreen! It lets them quickly switch back and forth between English and Spanish versions of the screening questions so that regardless of the language of the caller, they can simply read a list of questions to the caller.

This is very important because healthcare call center agents must move quickly through calls while at the same time addressing the caller’s concerns rapidly and safely. Challenges can arise if agents attempt to rapidly translate the SymptomScreen questions on their own during the screening process. Though the questions seem simple in nature, the screening guide authors (Dr. Barton Schmitt, Mikey Brewer P.A, and Dr. Morgan Eutermoser) very carefully selected every word in each question to make them clear and easy to answer. A quick “in the moment” translation by a call center representative may not be as clear. But the carefully translated Spanish versions provided by SymptomScreen have the exact same meaning and are easy to answer.

When the Spanish Screening Questions feature is turned on, the agent will have the option to toggle back and forth between seeing the introductory scripting and the screening questions in English and Spanish. It’s important to note that the priority instructions and the note copied from SymptomScreen will still be in English.


To turn on Spanish Screening Questions for your account, go to and select account settings. On the account settings page, you’ll see the option to use this feature.

While on the account settings page, you’ll also have the option to change the Spanish (and English) screening introduction if desired.

Once this feature is turned on, Spanish translations will be provided for the default questions in SymptomScreen. The team at SymptomScreen worked with healthcare translators to develop the Spanish screening questions. If you change questions or add any of your own questions, you will need to add your Spanish translations for those questions. Contact SymptomScreen Support to get a list of your own questions and questions that you have customized that you might need to translate.

We hope you find the Spanish Screening Questions valuable! Please contact SymptomScreen Support if you are interested in working with us to translate the questions into a language other than Spanish.

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